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We offer customized Programs for Professional Errors & Omissions Liability, Legal Expense for Disciplinary Matters, Penal Defense, and Commercial General Liability Insurance via Affinity Program arranged via ENCON.

ENCON is a licensed Canadian Company governed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada. ENCON has many years’ experience with a seasoned legal team for their claim service and representations. They are highly and well regarded in the Insurance industry and by Insureds.

Professional Liability coverages include services rendered 24 hours per day by the INSURED Member and while acting within the scope of the Insured’s duties as a Registered Nurse and including Occupational Health Nurses, and Registered Practical Nurses providing 24 hour coverages for professional services including opinions and/or counselling, medical and related services including clinical and disability case management services, which fall within the scope of their authority – as defined by The College of Nurses of Ontario and which were rendered or should have been rendered by the Insured in the practice of the profession of Registered Health Nursing and Occupational Health Nursing and Registered Practical Health Nursing Third-Party Financial Losses for professional services included as defined in the policy

For the ONE cost for the Professional E&O coverages, it includes ALL the E&O coverages as described on the brochure and Policy Documents included herein. 

Please refer to the applications for cost and coverages for new members and existing members, and the Brochure and policy documents for coverage details.

We are also available to explain and discuss the coverages.

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